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      This is your maid, dear, said Lady Wyndover. I didnt know whether you would bring one, so I engaged her. Barker, this is Miss Chetwynde.

      He felt her sigh.

      I gather from your silence that you consent? he said.Well, though your hair is gray, and there are so many little lines in your face, your eyes dont look old, and you dont look like an old man.

      Esmeralda slipped on her hat and jacket, and then went into the boudoir and waited, for, what seemed to her, hours. At last Lady Wyndover appeared, in the latest of Redferns outdoor costumes, and Esmeralda, as she looked at her, began to understand why the dresses she had bought in Melbourne were unsatisfactory.

      Varleys head drooped.

      She started, as if she had forgotten his presence, and the color rose to her face, then it went again, and left her pale, and with something like tears in her eyes.




      Oh, Trafford, he said, disgustedly. He seems to have dropped tennis and everything that is wholesome. He and Ada have been stalking up and down the terrace talking books or the improvement of the working classes, as if they werent bad enough already. If I went and asked Trafford or Ada to play, theyd stare and smile at me in the superior way that makes a man want to go and shy stones at his grandfather. And as for Liliaswell, Id better not express my sentiments about that young lady.


      He noticed the novel impatience in her manner. They went on to the terrace and along the winding path through the lawn. They were silent for a little while. Norman was troubled by something that he thought he ought to say, and wondering whether, after all, he had better not leave it unsaid. At last he said, speaking in a low and embarrassed manner: